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Visually-guided mindfulness at the click of a button. Experience guided breathing, affirmations, community-created content, and more.

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A mindfulness app that feels like play

Dreamfully offers digital relaxation that doesn’t feel like an exercise. Visually stimulating, responsive, and built for a generation that demands instantly-satisfying content.


From curated breathing techniques to therapeutic affirmations, clinical experts validate all aspects of Dreamfully product for optimal impact.


It takes a community to build the next iteration of applied mindfulness. Dreamfully’s platform allows our users to create, share, and build the app’s future.

Playfully Engaging

Mindfulness is meant to be fun and playful  as much as it is calming and peaceful. We put this attitude into our product so that using Dreamfully feels more like play than work.

Mindfulness made easy

Dreamfully leverages AI, data science, the power of community, and more to offer mindfulness experiences tailored to your needs. Whether you need to calm your nerves before a meeting, or find your center before socializing again, Dreamfully makes it fun, beautiful, and effortless.

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